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ServSafe Test

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ServSafe Food Manager Testing

Passing the ServSafe test is required for your ServSafe certification. If you attended a class or finished an online course next you will need to take the exam. Or if you have previously failed you will need to retest once you’re ready.

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Things to know about the ServSafe manager exam:

  • The ServSafe test must be taken in the presence of a certified proctor, it cannot be taken alone.
  • Written exams have to be mailed to the National Restaurant Association in Chicago for scoring. It may take two to three weeks for you to receive your results. With the online exam your results are available immediately after completion.
  • The exam is not easy.  It will test your understanding of the safe food practices discussed in class. This is done by presenting you with a situation and asking what the best course of action would be.
  • You must achieve a minimum score of 75% to pass the exam.
  • The test is multiple choice with four possible answers. There are 90 questions on the exam. You’re only graded on 80 of those questions. The remaining 10 are “pilot questions” to determine if they will be included as graded questions in future exams.
  • You have two hours to complete the exam. If you fail you can retest after 24 hours. However, after failing twice you are required to wait at least 90 days before retesting.
  • If you’re not sure of an answer you can mark the question for review. This allows you to skip to the next question and come back to the marked questions later.