What can you do with a ServSafe certificate?

One of the benefits of being ServSafe certified is that you’ll have more job opportunities.

Many restaurant owners are looking for cooks and chefs who already have their ServSafe certificate. This way they can avoid the costs involved with new certifications or any other hassles or worries.

Some ServSafe managers are going a step further and becoming an exam proctor as well. This could be very useful for potential employers because it would be a valuable resource to have on the staff.

Not to mention the money you could be making on the side by proctoring exams for people who took an online course. Or if you got what it takes you could start teaching the classes yourself after you complete the instructor process.

  • If you have a Facebook account you can request to become a moderator of the Hospitality Training Center Facebook page. Then you can create events for your classes or proctoring services and edit them whenever you like. It’s free to create events on the HTC Facebook page. You can charge your students an appropriate fee for your services.
  • If you have a Gmail account you can request to add events to the HTC website calendars. After you’re approved you could add, remove or edit your events directly from your Gmail account. You could update as often as you like and it would instantly be live on the website. Here is a calendar for ServSafe events in Jacksonville, FL for example. It’s free for certified proctors and instructors to create events on the HTC calendar. You can charge your students an appropriate fee for your services.

Their are lots of restaurant owners and managers connected on our Facebook page. You can like our page and share your resume on our news feed. You can Google us at Hospitality Training Center to find more food service opportunities.

It seems like every year there are new municipalities that require food manager certification. We created a guide with an interactive map from ServSafe to show the manager rules for each state.