Food Safety Programs

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Food Safety Programs

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What is a cleaning program?

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Which food safety programs can be the foundation of your operations food safety management system?

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Staff need to know they must report to you if they are sick. What food safety program is this a part of?

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According to the FDA, what food safety management system can be achieved using these simple programs in your operation?

• Manager supervision
• Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Training program

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What program does your operation need to keep food handlers from contaminating food?

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What principles are an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program based on?

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What kind of programs are these?

• Pest-control
• Personal hygiene
• Food Safety Training
• Cleaning and sanitation
• Quality control and assurance
• Standard operating procedures
• Food Safety Management Systems
• Supplier selection and specification
• Facility design and equipment maintenance

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What kind of programs are included on this list?

• Food Safety Training Program
• Personal hygiene program
• Quality control and assurance program
• Supplier selection and specification program
• Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Cleaning and sanitation program
• Facility design and equipment maintenance program
• Pest-control program
• Food Safety Management System

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These actions by a manager will ensure a successful personal hygiene program:

• Make personal hygiene policies
• Train staff to follow your policies and retrain them regularly
• Be a good role model by consistently demonstrating the correct behavior
• Always supervise any activities that can affect food safety
• Keep your personal hygiene policies current with science and the law

What role do you play as the manager in your operations personal hygiene program?

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What kind of programs can make the foundation of a food safety management system when an operation already has them in place?