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Many backflow prevention devices have a way that they can be checked to see if they are working correctly. They should be checked periodically, and this should be documented. Who should check the device?

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What is the best way to prevent backflow?

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What example does ServSafe give of a cross-connection that can lead to back-siphonage?

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Who should work on the plumbing in your operation?

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Why should a grease trap be installed in a way that makes it easy to access?

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What can cause a backflow?

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Why are air gaps critical for safe water?

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What can happen if drinkable water becomes mixed with unsafe water?

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If grease traps are NOT kept clean, dirty water can back up into the operation. What can this lead to?

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What is it called when high water use in one area of an operation creates a vacuum in the plumbing system that sucks contaminants back into the water supply?

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What is it called when contaminated water flows backward (reverse) through a cross-connection and into a drinkable water supply?

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What can happen if plumbing is NOT installed and maintained correctly?

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Where is the air gap in a correctly designed and installed sink?

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What must be done if your operation has an on-site septic system?

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What is a physical link (like a pipe or a hose) between safe water and dirty water called?

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A vacuum breaker is one example of a mechanical device that will prevent backflow. What is another example of a backflow prevention device?

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What is the most critical issue regarding water safety in your operation?

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What kind of backflow prevention device works by closing a check valve and sealing the water supply line shut when water flow is stopped?

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What device must be used when a hose is attached to a faucet?

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Which is true about backflow?

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What is a buildup of grease in pipes called?

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What is an example of a backflow prevention device with multiple check valves that will seal and protect your building’s clean water supply in case of a backflow?

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Why is a cross-connection dangerous?

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When a water connection (like a pipe to a hose) includes an open space that prevents dirty water from flowing backward into clean water, what is this space called?

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Where are the two air gaps in a properly designed sink located?

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What can be installed by a licensed plumber to prevent grease buildup from blocking a drain?

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How can backflow be prevented?