Salads with TCS Ingredients

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Salads with TCS Ingredients

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Why do salads containing TCS ingredients have a higher risk for foodborne illness?

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When can leftover TCS food (pasta, chicken, potatoes) be used as an ingredient for salads?

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Why do salads containing these previously cooked TCS foods need to be handled with special care?

• Leftover eggs
• Leftover tuna
• Leftover pasta
• Leftover chicken
• Leftover potatoes

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Under what conditions can leftover TCS (Time/Temperature Control for Safety) ingredients be used in a new dish?

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When using leftovers to make salads, all previously cooked TCS ingredients must have been handled in what way?

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How should eggs, produce, ice, and salads containing TCS ingredients be handled and prepared?

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Before using previously cooked TCS food (leftovers) as an ingredient for a salad, what should be checked for on its label?

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Certain foods require special care when handling. What foods require special care?