Stock Rotation

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Stock Rotation

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Why is stock rotation important?

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How can using the FIFO system to rotate products in storage help control pests?

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Rotate food to use the oldest inventory first (FIFO)?

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How should the FIFO (First In, First Out) method of stock rotation be performed?

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Why does food need to be rotated when it’s in storage?

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What method of storage rotation is described in these steps?

• Identify the use-by or expiration date on the label
• Shelf food with earlier dates in front of food with later dates
• Use the food stored in front before the food behind it
• Throw out food past its use-by or expiration date

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The acronym FIFO means First In, First Out. Which statement is true about the FIFO method?

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How can staff make stock rotation easier during storage when receiving and inspecting a delivery?

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Why do many operations use the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) method of stock rotation?