Allergen Special Order (ASO)

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Allergen Special Order (ASO)

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Working with a guest to place an allergen special order a staff member must be able to do the following?

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What is another food sensitivity that a customer could mention that requires the same precautions as food allergies?

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How can the risk of cross-contact with other food delivered to the table be avoided when delivering an allergen special order to a guest with allergies?

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Make specific members of your service staff responsible for accommodating a guest with an allergy in these ways:

• Taking an Allergen Special Order
• Identifying the Allergen Special Order
• Avoiding cross-contact
• Delivering food separately

How many employees should be trained and available for this?

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Make specific members of your service staff responsible for answering questions about the menu for a guest with food allergies.

• Describe Dishes
• Identify Ingredients
• Suggest Items

How many employees trained for this should be available on each shift?

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Why should an Allergen Special Order be hand-delivered separately from the other food at the table?

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How can cross-contact be avoided?

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Which of these are ways that cross-contact can be avoided?

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Your operation should always have at least one member of staff available who can describe each menu item to a guest upon request. What kind of information should this staff person be prepared to describe?

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What menu items should service staff suggest to a guest with food allergies?

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Who must know how to avoid serving food containing allergens to people with food allergies?

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Are service staff required to tell a guest with allergies what the secret ingredient is in a house specialty?

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To avoid cross-contact, when should you wash your hands and change gloves?

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What can NOT touch the food and beverages for a guest with food allergies or the utensils, equipment, and gloves used to prepare their order?

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What should service staff do when picking up an Allergen Special Order from the kitchen?

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What do some operations use a separate set of cooking utensils for?

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When should separate fryers and cooking oils be used to fry food?

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What should service staff make sure doesn’t touch the plate of a guest with allergies?

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Have at least one staff member on every shift that has been trained to take allergen special orders from guests with food allergies. What should this staff member be able to do?

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Kitchen staff must be aware of cross-contact and the ways that it can happen. How can allergic reactions be prevented?

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Which guideline can prevent cross-contact when preparing an allergen special order?

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Why should the order for a guest with allergies be clearly marked by service staff to indicate the identified food allergen?