Allergic Reaction

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Allergic Reaction

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Which of these symptom can indicate a guest is having an allergic reaction?

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What is responsible for 90% of all allergic reactions in the United States?

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There’s over 160 known allergens, but only eight cause 90% of the allergic reactions. Which of these are Big Eight Allergens?

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Which statements are true about allergic reactions?

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Of the fifteen million Americans who have a food allergy, how many emergency room visits due to allergic reactions are there every year?

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Which symptoms can indicate that a guest is having an allergic reaction?

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What is it called when someone’s immune system considers a harmless protein a threat and attacks it?

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What can happen when a person with allergies consumes the allergen that they are allergic to?

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What should you do if a customer has a severe allergic reaction to food?