Biological Toxins

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Biological Toxins

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What are some common neurological symptoms associated with consuming Biological Toxins?

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When can shellfish become contaminated with biological toxins?

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What is Histamine Toxin?

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Biological contamination is more common than chemical or physical contamination. What are some examples of biological contaminants?

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Which fish may contain bacteria that produce histamine toxins if the fish is time-temperature abused?

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Which seafood toxin can fish become contaminated with by eating smaller fish that have eaten the toxin?

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What neurological symptom may be experienced by someone with a foodborne illness caused by seafood toxins?

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Why is purchasing plants, mushrooms, and seafood from approved, reputable suppliers critical to preventing illness from biological toxins?

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What is a critical way to prevent foodborne illness from biological toxins?

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How can fungi cause foodborne illness?

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Ciguatera Toxin is a seafood toxin linked to barracuda, snapper, grouper, and amberjack fish. Which of these statement are true about Ciguatera Toxin?

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A person with a foodborne illness caused by seafood toxins may experience any of these symptoms:

• Hives
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Heart palpitations
• Difficulty breathing
• Flushing of the face
• Burning in the mouth
• Neurological symptoms

When does a person begin experiencing symptoms (onset-time) after consuming a seafood toxin?

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What kind of biological contaminant can come from one of these foods?

• Plants
• Mushrooms
• Seafood

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Which large fish can become contaminated with biological toxins after they eat smaller fish that have consumed the toxin?

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Fish do NOT produce Histamine, but these fish could be contaminated with pathogens that do:

• Tuna
• Bonito
• Mackerel
• Mahi Mahi

If a fish is contaminated with pathogens that produce Histamine, when will they produce it?

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What medical conditions can be caused by aflatoxins produced by some molds?

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What do some fungi (mold, mushrooms) naturally produce that can cause foodborne illness?

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Which statements describe a toxin mediated infection?

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Where do Biological Toxins come from?

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Which of these are neurological symptoms associated with consuming Biological Toxins?

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Which is true about where Biological Toxins like Seafood Toxins come from?

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Why do mushrooms need to be purchased from approved, reputable suppliers?

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Sometimes, big fish become contaminated with Ciguatera Toxin after eating smaller fish that have been eating toxic algae. Which fish can become infected this way?

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Biological toxins cannot be destroyed by freezing or cooking so its best to avoid them by purchasing from approved, reputable suppliers. Which of these seafood toxins does this apply to?

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The onset-time is how long it takes for the symptoms of an illness to begin. Many people start experiencing these symptoms within minutes of consuming seafood toxins:

• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Flushing of the face
• Difficulty breathing
• Burning in the mouth
• Heart palpitations
• Hives
• Neurological symptoms

What neurological symptoms may occur after eating fish contaminated with seafood toxins?

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What kind of biological contaminant is a natural poison produced by some plants, mushrooms, and seafood?

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What biological contaminant cannot be destroyed by cooking or freezing?

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What can be transferred to food if equipment and utensils are NOT cleaned and sanitized between uses?

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How can illness from Biological Toxins be prevented?

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Which seafood toxin is produced by pathogens in the fish during time-temperature abuse?