Food Recalls

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Food Recalls

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What should you do if the manufacturer recalls a product used in your operation?

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When a vendor notifies you that your operation has been affected by a Food Recall, how can the recalled food item be identified in your inventory?

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How can you know when there is a Food Recall Notice for a product you use in your operation?

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What is it called when you are notified by a vendor and asked to return or discard a specific food item that you may have purchased?

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In what situation does a food item need to be labeled with “Do NOT use/Do NOT discard” and then stored separately from other food?

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What situations could cause a manufacturer to request a food recall?

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If you receive a food recall notice, identify the food items in your inventory by matching them with the information provided. What kind of information will you be looking at?

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Safe food is at risk of contamination if products recalled by the manufacturer are stored near it. How should recalled food items be kept until the instructions for their handling can be followed?

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When there is a food recall, and you must store unsafe food until it can be returned to the vendor, what should you do to prevent it from contaminating the other food in your operation?

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A product has been matched to the information provided in a food recall notice and removed from inventory by placing it in a secure location. How should the recalled product be labeled?

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How can you ensure that recalled food items are NOT used or returned to inventory by mistake?

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How do you know when the manufacturer recalled a food product used in your operation?

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Once the recalled food items have been identified, remove them from inventory and keep them in a secure and appropriate place like a cooler or dry storage area. What does the recalled food item need to be stored separately from?

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How will you know if a product you purchased is recalled by the manufacturer?

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A manufacturer may issue a recall notice when contamination is suspected or confirmed in a food product. What is another reason a manufacturer could issue a food recall?

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Instructions for what to do with the recalled item will be in the vendor’s notification or the recall notice. What might you be instructed to do with it?