Why are Restaurants Cold?

Why do restaurants keep the temperature so low?

I think it’s happened to all of us, we go to a restaurant to enjoy a nice meal on a warm day. We wear just shorts and a T-shirt because it’s hot outside.

But after sitting in the restaurant waiting for our meals to be served, we notice that’s quite chilly inside. Why?

I have often wondered about this and I finally know the reason. Some people will claim that cold temperatures make people eat more – and spend more. But the answer is a lot simpler than that.

So why is it so darn cold in restaurants?

The answer lies with who is controlling the thermostat. People sitting at the tables and relaxing while enjoying their meal do NOT control the thermostat.

Have you ever worked in a commercial kitchen? It’s hot in there! And the servers, along with all of the other employees, are busy running back and forth and working up a sweat. And some people would be grossed-out if their server was dripping with sweat. And there are the related hygiene issues for having sweat in your food.

But don’t get mad at the back or front of house workers. It’s just an innocent oversite. They don’t realize that it’s cold because they are hot!

Of course, the patron is the guest and should receive great service and be comfortable while enjoying their meal. But in order to provide great service (and avoid sweat in your food) the workers need to be comfortable too.

So next time you go out for dinner, cut the employees some slack and bring a sweater or a jacket. If the sun is still shining ask for a table near a window, or if there is outside dining maybe try that next time.

And sometimes if you ask nicely to turn down the air conditioner they will be happy to do so. But be advised that usually, they will just tell you they turned it down when they really did not.