ROP Food

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ROP Food

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Remove frozen ROP fish from its package before thawing it in a cooler. When thawing ROP fish under running water, when can it be removed from its package?

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How can the temperature of food in reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) be measured without opening the package?

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What is Vacuum Packaging?

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Which is an example of Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP)?

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Which statement is true about Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

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What food packaging method are these examples of?

• Vacuum-packed
• Sous vide food
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

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Which statements are true about the bacteria clostridium botulinum?

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What should you check for on its label when handling or preparing frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP)?

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To avoid opening or puncturing food in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP), how should the thermometer probe or stem be used to check the temperature of ROP food?

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When can frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) be removed from its packaging?

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Fish in Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) should remain in the package and frozen until used. When it can be removed from the package depends on how it will be thawed. Which is correct?

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What kind of foods are linked with the bacteria clostridium botulinum and its illness botulism?

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A food product in reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) must be rejected if the packaging has what problem?

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When should frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) be thawed?

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Which bacteria is a risk to food in reduced oxygen packaging (ROP)?