Thawing Food

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Thawing Food

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Ice crystals or chunks of frozen liquids can be evidence of thawing and refreezing when found where?

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What are some guidelines for thawing frozen TCS food in a microwave?

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When can frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) be removed from its packaging?

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When thawing frozen food, never let any part of the food go above 41°F for more than four hours. In addition to the time spent thawing, what other time is counted towards this four-hour limit?

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When should frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) be thawed?

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Slacking is gradually (slowly) thawing frozen food in preparation for deep frying. Which is an important guideline to follow when slacking food?

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Why is it unsafe to thaw food at room temperature?

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Remove frozen ROP fish from its package before thawing it in a cooler. When thawing ROP fish under running water, when can it be removed from its package?

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What should you check for on its label when handling or preparing frozen fish in reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP)?

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What are some guidelines for thawing frozen TCS food under running water?

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A delivery of frozen food should be rejected if there is any evidence of thawing. What signs should you look for in the packaging or boxes that indicate a product has been thawed and refrozen?

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Use a clean and sanitized food-prep sink when thawing food under running water. What requirement should the water meet when thawing food this way?

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Why is it unsafe to thaw frozen food at room temperature?

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When food has been thawed and refrozen, it’s likely to have been time-temperature abused and should be rejected at delivery. What could be evidence that a food product has been thawed and refrozen?

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Which of these methods are a safe way to thaw frozen TCS food?

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Reject a delivery of frozen food if you see evidence that it has been thawed and refrozen. Which of these are signs to look for in or on the product, packaging, or boxes?

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What temperature must a cooler be kept at when it is used to thaw frozen food?

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Fish in Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) should remain in the package and frozen until used. When it can be removed from the package depends on how it will be thawed. Which is correct?

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What will happen if any part of frozen food is exposed to the Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ) while it’s being thawed?

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What should be done with food after it has been thawed in the microwave?

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What should never be done in dishwashing sinks or sinks used to discard wastewater?