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What biological contaminant cannot be destroyed by cooking or freezing?

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What are the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses in your operation?

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Which is true about Hepatitis A?

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What pathogen requires a host to live and reproduce?

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Which is true about viruses?

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Which pathogen needs a host to live and grow?

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Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin, eyes, or fingernails and is a symptom of the foodborne illness Hepatitis A. If a food handler suddenly (within a week) appears jaundiced, exclude them from the operation. What other symptoms require you to exclude a food handler?

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How can viruses be prevented from causing foodborne illness?

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Which is a prevention measure for viruses?

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What do Norovirus and Hepatitis A have in common?

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Which is an example of how a “carrier” can appear healthy but spread illness to others without knowing?

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What are some common symptoms of Norovirus?

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Which of these are ways that viruses can be transmitted?

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Which of these are ways to prevent the Big Six Pathogen Hepatitis A from making people sick?

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The onset time for symptoms of Hepatitis A is slow and symptoms may take weeks to appear. Which of these are symptoms of the illness caused by the Hepatitis A virus?

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What are some ways that Hepatitis A can be prevented?

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Which of these are ways that viruses be transferred?