Contact Time

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Contact Time

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How long do quats and iodine sanitizer solutions need to make contact with a surface to kill pathogens?

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What is contact time?

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Why does a chemical sanitizer solution need to make contact with the surface being sanitized for a specific amount of time?

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Both iodine and quats sanitizers need at least 30 seconds, and chlorine sanitizers need at least 7 seconds of contact with a surface to kill pathogens. What are these time specifications called?

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The contact time for a sanitizer solution is how long it must contact a surface to kill the pathogens on it. What is the contact time for a chlorine sanitizer?

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How are items chemically sanitized?

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How does time affect a chemical sanitizers effectiveness?

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Chemicals can be used to sanitize surfaces. The sanitizing solution must be prepared correctly and have contact with the surface for enough time to kill pathogens. How can the surfaces of tableware, utensils, and equipment make contact with the sanitizing solution?

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When sanitizing food contact surfaces, ensure the entire surface has enough contact time with the sanitizing solution. What is the correct tool to use for applying the sanitizing solution?

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What’s the difference between Contact Time and Onset Time?