Consumer Advisories

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Consumer Advisories

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What is the difference between a disclosure and a reminder?

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If your menu includes items that are served raw or undercooked, what kind of notice must be given to customers?

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What kind of statement should be expressed in the notice of consumer advisory when serving raw or undercooked food?

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Which is a consumer advisory?

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What kind of notice must be shown when a menu offers raw or undercooked TCS food items?

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Different kinds of food must reach different minimum internal temperatures for a specific amount of time to reduce pathogens to a safe level. What should be done if guests ask for their food to be cooked to a lower temperature?

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What should customers be advised about when they order a TCS food item that is served raw or undercooked?

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When is it acceptable to serve TCS food that has NOT been cooked to its required minimum internal temperature?

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Guests must be reminded that eating raw or undercooked food increases their chance of getting a foodborne illness. This is called a reminder. They are often put in the places listed here:

• The menu
• Brochures
• Table-tents
• Signs

What is the recommended way of putting it on the menu?

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A disclosure informs guests that the food is served raw or undercooked and can be put next to the item on the menu. What’s another way to note a disclosure on your menu?