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What are some criteria to consider when inspecting the labels on a delivery of shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops)?

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What should be written on the shellstock identification tag once all the shellfish in the container have been used?

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How long do shellstock identification tags need to be kept?

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What should be done when a food handler completes training?

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When can the shellstock identification tag be removed from its container?

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A delivery of shellfish must be received with shell stock identification tags. What information is on these documents?

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What information is on Shellfish Identification Tags?

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What information is stated on the documents that must be included with a delivery of fish that will be served raw or undercooked?

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Which areas should be addressed in a suppliers inspection reports?

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What information is included on a chemicals Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

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When does a fish delivery need to come with documents?

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What are OSHA’s regulations regarding Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

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What should you do after an employee completes food safety training?

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What are some guidelines for training staff?

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Which of these seafoods were delivered with the correct documents?

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What are the requirements for removing Shellfish Identification Tags from their containers?

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What documents must be included with a delivery of shellfish?

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What information is stated on the documents that must be included with farm-raised fish?

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A shellstock identification tag indicates when and where shellfish were harvested and that they’re from an approved source. How should you maintain these tags?

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When does frozen fish need to be delivered with documents indicating how it was correctly frozen before you received it?

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Deliveries of shellfish and farm-raised fish must come with documents. Frozen fish that will be served raw or undercooked also need documents. How long do you need to save these documents?