Holding Food

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Holding Food

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How should the temperature of food in hot holding be checked?

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How often should you check the internal temperature of food in hot holding?

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What kind of policies does an operation need to have for holding food?

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When holding food for service and checking its temperature every four hours, the food should be thrown out if it’s found to be at what temperature?

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What kind of containers or equipment should food be held in once transported to the off-site service location?

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Food being held for service must have its internal temperature checked at least every four hours. But why is it better to check the temperature every two hours instead?

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Is it safe to use hot-holding equipment to reheat food?

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Which of these should you consider when designing your operations procedures for holding food?

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How do we use temperature control to prevent the growth of pathogens?

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Cold food can be held without temperature control for up to six hours. What must be done with the food when the six hours is up?

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Which are guidelines for holding hot TCS food?

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What range of temperatures is known as the Temperature Danger Zone (TDZ), where pathogens can grow rapidly?

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What is an insulated food container?

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Which are guidelines for holding food?

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What is the correct internal temperature for holding TCS food?

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Why should food covers be used in self-service areas?

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How can time-temperature abuse be avoided during service?

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Check the internal temperature of food being held for service at least every two to four hours. What should the temperature be?

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Which of these should you consider when making policies for holding food in your operation?

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What is food at risk for when it’s being held for service?

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Why should a thermometer be used to check the temperature of food in hot holding instead of relying on the temperature gauge of the holding unit?

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Food must be reheated correctly before being placed in a hot-holding unit. Hot-holding equipment should NOT be used to reheat food unless it was designed for this purpose. Why?

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What can you do when your food containers or delivery vehicles do NOT hold food at the correct temperature long enough for off-site service?

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When food is NOT served immediately after cooking and is temporarily stored at a safe temperature, it’s called ‘hot-holding’. Which are requirements for hot-holding food?