Regulatory Variances

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Regulatory Variances

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What is often required before an operation can handle or prep food using the following methods?

• Packaging fresh juice on-site for sale at a later time
• Smoking food as a way to preserve it
• Preserve or alter the food so that it no longer needs time and temperature control for safety
• Curing food
• Custom-processing animals for personal use
• Packaging food using a reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) method
• Sprouting seeds or beans
• Offering live shellfish from a display tank

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Before displaying or holding TCS food without temperature control, you must submit written procedures to your regulatory authority. What do you need to do once your procedures have been approved?

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Which food preparation methods requires a variance from regulatory authorities?

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Specific requirements must be met at each step to par cooking food. What should the written procedures explain about these requirements to get approved by the local regulatory authority?

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What document can your regulatory authority issue that will allow a regulatory requirement to be waived or changed?

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What does an operation need to have before it can par-cook food?

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Which of these methods of food preparation require a variance from your regulatory authority?

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When does smoking food require a variance?

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When can you package fresh juice on-site for retail sale without a variance?

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When could your regulatory authority require you to submit a HACCP plan?