TAP Series

What is TAP Series?

TAP Series leads the industry in online courses and cloud solutions for the foodservice industry. Their primary focus is food manager and food handler training. Hundreds of thousands have passed the Food Safety Manager exam when using TAP to prepare for the Food Safety Manager exam.

TAP Series is the most recognized Food Safety Manager Course in the country by striving to provide the most effective and efficient Food Safety Manager exam prep materials. TAP Series has trained over 500,000 Food Handlers nationwide with more being trained every day.

Online food safety course for food manager certification

There are some things to keep in mind before choosing to take the online course. You will have to find a certified proctor to administer the exam; you’re not allowed to take the exam alone. You can find a directory of proctors by hovering over the ServSafe® Testing tab.

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam

An Exam Proctor will need to be physically present to administer an exam.

We offer exams at these locations at 3:30 pm on the date of scheduled classes. More locations can be found by hovering over the “ServSafe® Testing” tab located on the top menu bar.

Exams will be administered online and are available in English, Spanish or Chinese unless otherwise requested.

Print exams may be requested in English, Spanish, French Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Large Print 15 days in advance and will incur an additional charge of $15.00 billed separately for shipping & handling. Exam results will be available in 10 business days.

Choosing an online food safety course

We offer both ServSafe® and TAP Series® food safety courses for managers. We highly recommend the TAP Series course for several reasons which are outlined below. Some people still choose ServSafe because of name recognition. It’s a personal preference so we provide both.

Both food safety courses are nationally accredited and provide the same curriculum. Students pass the exam at the same rate with both courses. But TAP Series is more affordable and offers a few extra perks that ServSafe doesn’t. With TAP Series you have immediate access to your course and they provide 24-hour support. ServSafe only provides support between 8 am and 6 pm. Also, TAP Series is the only food safety course with a training warranty and they offer refunds in limited situations.

Both food safety courses can result in a ServSafe® certificate

Both the ServSafe and TAP Series food safety courses can result in a ServSafe certificate. This is because your certificate is awarded according to which exam you pass; not which course you complete. You do not have to take the ServSafe course in order to take their exam. The Hospitality Training Center only administers ServSafe exams and we will provide the exam regardless of which course you’ve completed. We take the exam online so that your results and a valid ServSafe certificate can be available immediately after the session has completed.