Hotdog Vendor Punches Guy for Spitting on his Grill

Swedish hotdog vendor punches guy for spitting on his grill.

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Jesper Levin slings hotdogs from a street stand in Stockholm. But these aren’t your regular hotdogs. His “Harakiri Korven Helldogs” are reputed to be the hottest in the world. In fact Jespers dogs are so hot, he wears a gas-mask when grilling them.

His hottest dog is named after a ritual suicide called hara-kiri, which was performed by Japanese samurai in the 12th century.  Rather than being captured by the enemy a samurai would use a short blade to slice across his abdomen, then proceed to disembowel himself. A fitting name for the super hot dogs.

Jesper Levin punches a drunk guy for the sake of food safety.
Jesper Levin punches a drunk guy for the sake of food safety.

If you can finish one of Jespers harakiri dogs you’ll win a T-shirt that boasts about your achievement. But there are a few rules. To complete the harakiri challenge, you must do more than just eat the hotdog. You only have 5 minutes to eat the entire thing and all of the sauce. During that time you can’t set it down or have anything to drink either.

These rules are what caused the dispute between Jesper and a drunk guy who attempted, and failed the challenge. In the video you can see them arguing in Swedish about the rules. Then the drunk guy leans over the sneeze-guard and attempts to spit the remaining harakiri on Jespers grill. That’s when he catches a straight jab to the forehead from the much bigger man.