Vending Machines

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Vending Machines

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What risks do vending operators need to protect their food from during transport, delivery, and service?

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Which is an example off-site service?

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What temperature does TCS food need to be held at when offered from a vending machine?

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Vending operators need to monitor the shelf life of their food products and throw them out when their code date has expired. What is an example of a code date?

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What establishments are regulated and inspected by local regulatory authorities?

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What are some guidelines for vending machine operation?

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How should fresh fruit with edible peels be prepared before being placed in a vending machine?

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State and local regulatory authorities make the regulations that these establishments must follow:

• Restaurants
• Food retailers
• Vending operators
• Schools and daycare centers
• Hospitals and assisted living centers

What additional responsibilities do state and local regulatory authorities have for these establishments?

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Serving food at a different location than where it was prepared or cooked is called off-site service. Which is an example of this?

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What kind of container should a vending machine dispense TCS food in?