Heat Sanitizing

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Heat Sanitizing

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What is a high-temperature dishwashing machine?

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Heat sanitizing can reduce pathogens to safe levels on a clean surface. How can this be achieved?

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What tool can measure the surface temperature of items while they’re being sanitized in a high-temperature dishwashing machine?

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What items can be sanitized by soaking them in a chemical sanitizing solution or running them through a high-temperature dishwashing machine?

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How do dishwashers sanitize items?

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How can you be sure that a high-temperature dishwashing machine reaches the correct temperature to sanitize items during operation?

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If the water in a high-temperature dishwashing machine is NOT hot enough, it will NOT be able to sanitize the items. What can happen if the water is too hot?

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What is the heat sanitizing method?

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A high-temperature machine is a dishwasher that uses hot water to sanitize items. A built-in thermometer checks the water temperature at the manifold. Where is the manifold located in the machine?

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Clean the food-contact surface first, then sanitize it to kill any pathogens. What sanitizing method is commonly used in food service?

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What is the minimum water temperature for a dishwashing that uses heat to sanitize items?

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How should the third sink be used for sanitizing in a three-compartment sink?

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Which is a standard method of sanitizing surfaces in a food service operation?

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How can items be sanitized with heat?