Lesson 2


Module Two, ServSafe Manager Practice Test

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To avoid cross-contact, what should be done with food packaged on-site for retail sale?

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What form of biological contamination causes the most foodborne illnesses?

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What should chemicals be used for?

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These are known as the Big Eight Food Allergens
• Soy
• Fish
• Eggs
• Wheat
• Peanuts
• Tree nuts
• Shellfish
• Cow’s milk

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What should service staff do when picking up the the allergen special order from the kitchen staff?

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Only bring chemicals from approved, reputable suppliers into your operation. What else is required of the chemicals that you use and store in your operation?

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The FDA has created a tool that can help you identify the points in your operation where food is at risk. What acronym is the FDA’s food defense tool based on?

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People may try to tamper with your food using these contaminants.
• Chemical
• Physical • Biological
• Radioactive

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Letting food touch surfaces, equipment, or utensils that have touched allergens is an example of what?

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What kind of symptoms are tingling in the extremities and the reversal of hot and cold sensations?

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The onset-time is how long it takes for the symptoms of an illness to begin. Many people begin experiencing these symptoms with minutes of consuming seafood toxins. Vomiting
Flushing of the face
Difficulty breathing
Burning in the mouth
Heart palpitations
Neurological symptoms
What neurological symptoms may occur after eating fish contaminated with seafood toxins?

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What can contaminate food if its used or stored incorrectly?

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What kind of pathogen is commonly linked with these foods?
• Seafood
• Wild game
• Food processed with contaminated water (produce)

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What should be done with moldy food unless the mold is a natural part of the food?

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What kind pathogens can be prevented by making sure that fish that will be served raw or undercooked has been correctly frozen by the manufacturer?

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What is it called when the immune system mistakenly considers the allergen to be harmful and attacks it?

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Who needs to do their part to avoid serving food containing allergens to people with food allergies?

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What is it called when someone is sensitive to a naturally occuring and often harmless protein in a specific food?

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What is it called when allergens are transferred from food or food-contact surfaces containing an allergen to food that is served to a guest with allergies?

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What are the eight different allergens that are responsible for 90 percent of all allergic reactions in the United States known as?